Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mutual Respect

This past week was a better week, probably my best week student teaching so far. I am finally starting to get into a nice groove with teaching full time and the students and I are building a mutual respect for each other. Behavior is still an issue and something I have really been working on. Classroom management is very important and so this week I have tried hard to stay on top of behavior issues, hand out more warnings, send more notes home, and not hesitate to make phone calls home when needed. The students are finally starting to realize just how serious I am. Respect is definitely earned!

Working with two of my 1st graders, doing Math Centers.

This coming week, I go back to sharing duties with my CT, she is teaching Math in the morning and I am teaching the rest of the day; so I will be teaching about 3/4 of the time. I think she is looking forward to it. She has been very bored the past two weeks and has her lesson plans all done through Thanksgiving already!!! :) She spent most of last week out of the classroom and has really been enjoying herself. She was even out on Friday and although I had a substitute, (who I think fell asleep at one point during the day) it was definitely MY classroom all day.

Helping two students who are working with Pattern-Block Templates.

I have been learning a lot about myself and about teaching; this has really been an enjoyable experience. I am sad that I only have two weeks left with these children. Although it was rough on many days, I really have grown to love these kiddos and wish I could stay here for the entire internship. I am anxious about learning all over again the ins and outs of another teacher, another classroom, and another group of children. I pray that my next experience is just as wonderful as this one has been. Thank you for your continued prayers as well!


  1. What great photos!! I am glad it has gone better, you are right, classroom management can be difficult with that population. I am so pleased that you used the word "love" for the students. As Christian we know that we must love one another. Sometimes that is difficult with difficult students.

  2. As I have seen and heard with my teacher, behavior is always going to be an issue, no matter how long you have been teaching (now isn’t that exciting). I’m glad to hear that your CT actually left the room. Mine really did not. She would leave to make copies of something, but no where close to being gone the whole day. And on Monday she actually took over my language arts lesson. It kind of makes me wonder if she feels I am qualified to be with her students. I love how you and Rebekah say that you are sad to have to leave the students. I am going to miss them, but I also can’t wait to get out of there. (I think it’s more a WAHOO! I’m halfway done with student teaching feeling).