Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Math Lessons

This week I started teaching my first lessons. My CT thought it would be best for me to start with Math lessons first, so this is what I have been and will be teaching all week. Our math lessons are in the morning, after the children do their morning work. When the kids first arrive, they choose whether or not they want to go to breakfast and if they do, they go; if they don't, they start their morning work. Generally, by 8:15 all the kids are back from breakfast and have had plenty of time to work on their morning work.

Around 8:20 the kids come to the carpet to do the daily calendar and start the math lesson. This week we are doing things like working with math tools, writing the numbers 1 & 2, and learning "one more and one less" on the number line. My lessons are fun and exciting and I have gotten positive feedback from my teacher so far.

My biggest weakness right now and something I am going to keep working on is balancing my focus during the lessons. I have a tendency to be so focused on my lesson, making sure I do it right and don't stumble, etc. that I sometimes miss discipline issues that are going on in front of me. Thankfully my CT is helping me right now, but I am praying that I can really get a grip on classroom management and effective teaching, combined! It will definitely come in handy in the next few weeks when I take over the classroom full time! Prayers are always welcome! :)

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  1. The three of you who are student teaching are in my prayers. Student teaching is where you gain the experience of balancing it all: teaching, discipline, home life, spiritual life. If one is out of balance, the others suffer. Just never forget to pray, all will go better that way.