Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Same Journey, New Adventure

Higher education has been a long journey for me. Those who are closest to me know that many changes, obstacles, joys, and sorrows have come along the way since I started pursuing my undergraduate degree 11 years ago.

Although the journey has been long, the adventures have been many; and graciously the Lord has used every single one of them to make me stronger, wiser, and well equipped for the gift He has placed in my heart...a gift of teaching.

Next week, another new adventure will begin as I embark on a 16 week long journey that will surely change me forever. My student teaching internship is something that I have long awaited and I am both excited and nervous to start.

I have already received an email from my "Coordinating Teacher", whom you might hear me refer to as my CT over the next several weeks. I was blessed with an invite to come into her classroom last spring and I jumped on the chance. I was able to meet her, see the school, the classroom, and meet her students as they were wrapping up their school year. I am so very excited about working with my CT. She is young, the same age as I am, and she has been teaching for 6 years. We are sure to learn a lot from each other.

She emailed me today with a schedule of events for next week and it certainly looks like a packed schedule, with luncheons, breakfasts, group activities, team building activities, seminars, reading workshops, etc. And when we are not attending a planned event, there is also some time set aside each day to be working in the classroom, setting up and preparing for the new class that will be arriving on Tuesday, September 8th. How exciting!!! As a teacher, setting up a classroom and waiting for new students to arrive, is like a child waiting for Christmas morning! I am so excited!!!

I ask that you all please continue to pray for me. As next week will be my first week EVER in Sierra's life that I will be away from her, and she from me. We count ourselves blessed to have found a dear, sweet friend that loves Sierra so much and is willing to watch her for us; but it is still going to be hard on my heart. Please pray for a smooth transition for all of us as we begin this new adventure!!! Thank you!

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  1. Gosh, your blog decor is beautiful. You and Karen and Bekah are all in my prayers today. I also pray for the transition for your daughter. I worked with two children and it is never easy leaving them with someone.